Ivan Schuler Pascasio

Ivan Schuler Pascasio

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First Name * Ivan
Last Name * Schuler Pascasio
Country * Peru
City Lima
Nationality swiss / spain
Languages Spanish


Current Position 3DArtist
Current Company OneArtistStudio


Availability: Freelance
Website www.oneartiststudio.com
Twitter @oneartiststudio
Phone number 51 976 301 207


Ivan Schuler
3D Visual Designer / 3D Artist

Founder of OneArtistStudio and independent 3D artist working on visualization and design services using tridimensional virtual tools.

Artwork nominated for the Expose 9 international magazine, D’artiste series by Ballistic Publishing

Passionate photographer and illustrator living in Lima, Peru.

About me http://justoneartist.com

OneArtistStudio http://oneartiststudio.com/


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